What We Offer

Digitable comprises a team of well experienced professionals from diverse industries, equipped with the know-how and expertise to expand your business and provide 360-degree solutions that aid in unleashing your organisations’ potential for digital innovation and business transformation.

Website Hosting

Website Development

As part of our Digital Marketing Solutions, Digitable offers effective web Hosting Services with limited downtime, coupled with advice on the best web hosting service that suits your specific requirement, and the very best in care and attention. We are equipped with years of experience from designing to development to hosting websites. Our dedicated team of professionals will monitor your site 24/7, and if something goes wrong, and we can get you back online within a very short period of time.
What you need is a website that will grow your business by optimizing your online presence to achieve your goals. As part of our Digital marketing Agency Services, our creative Web Development team has the expertise to design and develop effective futuristic websites, because after all, a website is not something that you will be changing on a regular basis, right? Our developers are forward thinking, use revolutionary approaches, saving you both time and money in the process. Backed by SEO fundamentals from day one, you can be assured that you will have an edge against your competition when your website development is done by Digitable.


Graphic Designing

Content Development

Get your brand noticed and remembered! At Digitable, we design and build your brand, creating a positive connection and brand loyalty between your brand and your customers. Our Brand Management Services are focused on Brand Discovery, Positioning, Creation and Application, gaining the maximum possible results.
In today’s markets, digital visual arts play a vital role in marketing your brand. We create appealing graphics designed to capture the attention of visitors coming to your website. Our creative design team uses the very latest tech and tools to create engaging, interactive and aesthetically appealing graphics both in digital and print form, in order to create your own unique identity in the market.
Creative, quality, search engine optimized content that ensures successful lead generation and lead growth, at only a fraction of your traditional marketing costs. That’s what good, effective content can do for you! At Digitable, a part of the Digital Marketing Solutions we offer include our own team of professional content writers with a long history of creating successful content which is tailor-made to your specific audience.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Web Analytics

Social Media has become one of the most effective platforms for Digital marketing in today’s competitive world. Our Social Media Marketing and Management experts will help you to create and drive effective Social Media Marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, increase your followers, create more visibility and increase revenue. We will run campaigns from Strategy Development to Reporting that will dynamically increase exposure and interest in your brand or business.
Track your online performance accurately with our Web Analytics experts. Whether you are looking to simply start up in analytics or need expert analysts to consult on your existing data, Digitable is here to help you out. All businesses need actionable feedback in order to recognise missed opportunities. With precise performance monitoring, understand the behaviour of your potential customers visiting your website and unearth new opportunities. Our analytics experts can guide you on how to drive your marketing strategy towards success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Email Marketing

An integral part of any Digital Marketing Agency Service is SEO. We will optimize your online content and your website ensuring that your website is easily identified by search engines, ranking your business on the first page of search engine results. Be easily discoverable to your target audience’s searches and get ranked on the first page of search engine results when audiences search for related terms. Increase your website’s visibility and create brand awareness through effective SEO from Digitable.
Give your business an instant boost through PPC Marketing. Our digital marketing experts offer effective PPC campaign creation and management with comprehensive keyword search to identify the most relevant keywords with guaranteed ROI, creative and innovative ads, landing page optimization and so much more, to increase the visibility for your business and maximize revenue.
Are you aware that Email Marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing strategy? Indeed it is! Way more people react positively to promotions they see via email. As your preferred Digital Marketing Solutions Agency this is exactly where we can step in, to help your business grow, with effective email marketing campaigns that fit your budget and objectives. Professionally designed campaigns that convert readers into customers, coupled with detailed reporting, tracking and analysis are what we offer.